Fate Interrupted

The teacher of the bubble rider sprites was trained as a witch in a very old and cold town called Ice-on-Green. The air froze her nose and smelled like pine boughs. The only time she ever left the cabin was on a full moon, and that was only after drinking something warm and mind altering, because nobody could do a moon-dance otherwise. The ordinary folk in Ice-on-Green were farmers or sailors, and they were so pale from long periods without sun that they glowed like the moon when they went sneaking through the woods in search of pixies and gnomes and fairies. It had long been the practice of the witches to forewarn the little people by making especially hideous cackling noises. The pale ones often claimed there were no fairies in the woods, but in actuality they were too petrified to open their eyes and look.

On one particular night when the monthly moon-dance was about to start, the witches became aware of the presence of a man who was not afraid to be in the woods at night. He was about to alter the course of history with no weapon but the warmth of his heart. Witches would desolve into puddles at his feet, and they would bestow upon him the name Beloved. For when Beloved arrived, Fate stood on the edge of a precipice and froze.

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