Simmer and Shimmer


The first bubble rider sprites were spontaneously created in a cast iron cauldron, over a dying fire of oak logs and ash. They neither appeared by accident nor on purpose, and came alive when a witchy love potion was left simmering for an extra 69 seconds while the witch was daydreaming.

A love potion over a hot flame always brings bubbles to the surface, but on this occasion, while the witch’s mind wandered, the bubbles became airborne, revolutionizing the transport and packaging of love potion numbers 9 through 29. As the postal service also came to learn, air mail was cheaper and more efficient.

Now this first crop of bubble riders, having had no formal training, were exceedingly difficult to control. They chose their targets based on their own childish criteria, often finding themselves trapped under down comforters large dogs and curly wigs. Extrication was sometimes impossible, and ultimately most returned to the witches for disciplinary training. It became so sought-after – for witch and fairy alike – that a highly competitive Academy was established to ensure an appropriate education.

Over time, bubble riders have become the primary resource for the transport and delivery of the love potions made by witches. While black cauldrons are still used almost exclusively, the vials are no longer necessary, and because of the delicate sprite wings, white magick has replaced black. A clean and airy potion is created from the symbiotic dance between witch and sprite fairy. Compared to the dark and heavy potions of old, these newer potions are nearly impossible to detect.

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