April’s Fool

The snow arriving in April, the one that made us cry in frustrated annoyance, was in actuality the first of several love potion deliveries. If we hadn’t been so sure it was a fool’s cruel insult, we could have seen the bubble riders perched upon the icy flakes as they rode to their various destinations. The potion droplets which arrive this early in the spring are for the children and the young at heart. Later in the season, when the cauldrons have been simmering longer, the potions will take on a more somber and serious flavor more appropriate for romance and lust. But the potions that come with an onion snow early in the season are for lighthearted playfulness and giggles.

The lucky few who experience this April shower of reawakening will probably not even notice the fairies that brought it. The more likely reaction is to attribute the burst of energy to the sounds of birds returning, or the brightness of the yellow daffodils, or even the silly bonnet on the head of a woman in the pew in front of you at church on Sunday.

But make no mistake, if you grumble your way through the change of seasons like a groggy hybernating bear, the good cheer and laughter will completely pass you by, because no fairy wants to play with a party pooper.

Look at the crystals carefully as you wait for the school bus or clear your windshield. You will be glad you didn’t crawl back under the covers. Have fun, and the bubble riders will no doubt return to you again and again.

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