Whatever the weather, the incredibly observant among us are about to catch the fairies working with the witches as they prepare for Beltane. When May Day arrives, it will be greatly influenced by the light of the full moon just hours before Beltane begins. Under the brightness of the moon, the cauldrons of love potions will simmer just a bit longer, becoming infinitesimally thicker and stickier than usual. The fairy sprites will agree that these batches of brew are also sweeter, and therefore more easily attract the unsuspecting recipients.

At dawn on the first of May, when the space between the worlds is at its holiest, the little sprites will ride their bubbles right through their world and into ours. Someone’s nose will tickle. An unexpected giggle will erupt. A neck will feel the gentle breeze of someone’s breath. Shortly smiles will be shared in traffic. A warm memory will suddenly come to mind. A peanutbutter sandwich will take another person back to his third grade cafeteria table.

And couples will remember why they fell in love, and why it is worth any price to feel that way again, even when the heat of the coming summer will cause it to shrivel up again.

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