clear glass filled with beer

There are times when a seven year old is just not capable of understanding the joys that can be associated with the bubbles in an adult beverage.  This is why our friend Lady, who was six and a half years old now and sporting curly red hair and an abundance of freckles, was left to stir the potions meant for very young people in playgrounds.

Wiser witches of more advanced experience were left with the manufacture and distribution of Love Potion Number Seventeen.  The carbonation provided by Seventeen created bubbles that were smaller and stronger than the other potions.  Specialized bubble rider sprites directed these bubbles to private parties in undisclosed locations.  These bubble riders were the ones responsible for the dreams that awoke people at dawn with a smile on their faces and a strange sense that they had not been alone in their dream.  The potion is provided almost exclusively to women who have a longing to describe their feelings to a man but don’t have the words.  Alternatively, the recipient, almost exclusively a man, may not have the comprehension to understand the words if spoken.

Many of us have known a person in our lives who provides that spark of heightened liveliness.  There is often no logical explanation for it, only a solid conviction that life has been elevated to a higher, nearer and more approachable plane.  It is an awakening and a sensual experience that lasts many months beyond the initial taste.  Even the sprites are forever changed after one of these experiences.  Some of them refuse to leave and get themselves or their host in hot water, flattening the beverage and leaving them stranded without transportation home.

These are the sprites to watch out for, because they are highly educated at this point and can get bored sometimes when they have nothing exciting going on around them.  These are the fairies that play tricks on you, not because you deserve it, but because they insist that you remain joyful until death.

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