After the ground was covered with a blanket of oranges and reds, but before the white bedspread was laid on top of it, creatures of all shapes and sizes began the process of getting ready for bed. Whether they knew it or not, an alarm was already set for a time when each would rise to greet a new day, throwing off the covers and stretching in the sun, all green and refreshed and reborn.

This night was made for dreams. Guided by souls on the other side of the curtain known as The Veil, under the moon just between Equinox and Solstice, between full moon and new, gorgeous revelations for the future would reveal themselves. The only nightmares would be the ones arriving in drowsy wakefulness.

Tonight was made for sleeping, all distractions left on the nightstand. This night everyone sleeps alone in the dreams, even if the covers are shared.

The body rests in peace, but the mind has crossed the river into lively conversation with spirit beings. Here, it is perfectly logical to speak another language, to fly, and to share a cocktail with a great-grandfather and a movie star at the same time. Grandmothers give birth to potty trained babies. The childhood home has a third floor. Wedding dresses still fit.

Everyone you ever loved somehow fits in your livingroom, and they all like each other. World problems are easily resolved. The food has no calories. Insects and dead relatives speak to you. One kiss passes through all your old boyfriends and crushes.

Between the blankets of autumn and winter, Youth meets Wisdom, and dreams come true.

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