The Flood Fairies – Book Three

Just when we thought the bubble riders had gone to sleep until spring, some unusual activity was observed around the Accomac and the tomb of the Confederate soldier. As if it were Christmas Eve, the elves and gnomes and fairies simply could not fall asleep.

The ghosts at the Accomac were packing up their linens and headed for Jackson House further south. There was nobody to scare at The Accomac any more, and nobody was available to listen.

Somebody however, continued to try to connect with me through the internet. And I wasn’t alone. It is simply not normal for a truck to get up on its hind legs and howl at the moon. We must be clear, however, that hauntings are not always ghostly. Many non-human spirits become disembodied wanderers as well.

Ghosts didn’t disrupt the workers trying to put the land back together in the area. They might have had some responsibility for the ultimate closing of the restaurant, but spirits of another kind did the rest. Brownies, sprites, fairies, gnomes, pixies, animal familiars and maybe even witches – whether at work or play – reshuffled and blended the earth in that area for purposes we mere mortals can only guess at.

I don’t know what they want with me, or why they keep using Facebook, but when the new year comes around, I may just go out there and find a Winter Wonderland.

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