Bitter Moon Behind Clouds

We have to really look hard to see what’s good about the darkness. We imagine that it is a place of death and despair, but it exists for a greater purpose than to simply afford us an appreciation of the promised light. The shortest day, the Solstice, is celebrated as the longest night; but why?

Babies know. So do bears. Trees and flowers. Vacationers and dreamers. Pot roasts and zen masters. Run-on sentences. Busy intersections.

The longest night is a blessing. It is our chance to hold space for ourselves while the world takes back its control from us.

Humans are uniquely averse to this pause in activity, and we must be forced to exist for a few moments without obvious purpose or plan. Here in the stillness is where world peace is born, where each of us stops trying so hard and doing it all wrong. This is where the stars speak to us about who we really are and what we are called upon to offer the world.

We do not need to do anything at all during the time of darkness but shut up and listen to our Self.

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