Double Bubble Toil and Trouble


O well done! I commend your pains; and every one shall share i’ your gains; And now about the cauldron sing. Live elves and fairies in a ring; Enchanting all that you put in. – the Bard

Last night there was a dark moon, and I usually stay indoors because I am not a witch, and I am especially not a black magick witch. But a couple of cauldron owners I know who were unfamiliar with such things noticed that they’d need eye of newt for their love potion, and I am a Newton with several eyes to spare. Their potion included CBD water, and we were ultimately confused about how to transport the bubble riders under the circumstances. The bubbles produced by their secret recipe were far less effervescent than Potion 17, so we spent the day trying to find a method that could lift the bubble riders higher and faster than this potion seemed to allow.

We started at a shooting range for women. We tried handguns, revolvers and a fancy bow and arrow. No luck.

We tried rusty train tracks and leaky kayaks. No luck.

We tried non-GMO corn cob sabers. No luck.

We tried beer. No luck.

We tried nuclear power. No luck.

We tried sunflower stalks. No luck.

In the end, we came upon an unusual method that worked. We “Cruze”d to a street-side basketball hoop and made a couple of three-pointers. We got caught playing in the road by Beloved himself, the RoyL Viking, but we were in disguise and prefer to think that we got away safely.

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