Wandering Wrong Way Wanda

Here in Pennsylvania, where most of the year’s full moons have been hiding behind the clouds, it is understood that the bubble riders sometimes lose their way. Such is the case with Wanda, who has been found nibbling on all the wrong mushrooms.

Wanda, we have discovered, needs a mental health vacation. Having been sent to a playground in the park, she became sidetracked by the sight of an alpha male in the parking lot. This sort of challenge is several levels above her pay grade, and she ought to have remembered her training and left him alone in his truck. Instead, she was smacked down by Goliath and fell off her bubble.

Wanda landed in a meadow somewhere between the swing set and the corner of the truck’s bumper. It took a week to find her way home to recover. The skinned elbow and the torn wing healed quickly after that, but but she will be in therapy for months. Thankfully, no bubble rider sprite is down for long before others fly to her aid.

Someday she will laugh about her latest misadventure. Others have done so already.

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