A Third Party Situation

It started with innocence and ended in a bonfire. A non-countable number of hands, all with beautiful nail polish and rings, danced across Youtube for nine days. All sorts of accented narrators described the same story, lending credence to their collective validity. The sounds of reshuffling decks, the shiny crystals, even the intrusions of ordinary life all told a story of remarkable similarity.

Two water signs are heading back to each other. The female energy has completed her inner work. The male energy is in conflict. He misses her. She intuitively knows this. There are unfinished lessons for them to teach each other. They are twin flames. Neither sucks the air out of the other. The communication will begin in November. But the conflict is coming from a family matter on the male side. It is Virgo energy. It is a third party. A wife or an ex. This is a third party situation.

At the end of the nine days the story shifted. The planets shifted. Suddenly Pisces energy was focused on financial increases. Romance was no longer in the cards, at least not on Youtube.

What a vacation!